Building your Property Investment Team

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Building your Team

Property Investment is a team game and to be successful you need to have good players around you.

Your key team members are:

        Financier / Mortgage Broker




        Real Estate Agent and / or Property Finder

        Property Manager (if applicable)


Property Investment is a complex business and your Professionals need to be players who are experienced in this field. 


This is particularly so when it comes to Accountants and Lawyers.  People who specialise in this area are able to give you valuable, specialised advice.


Make sure that you consult your team before you buy a property. 

All your key team members should work with each other.  They will not mind if another team member suggests that a deal not proceed for the right reasons.


Find a property lawyer?


Your choice of property lawyer is an important decision.  To talk to a legal property expert regarding your property transaction please call the team at Quay Law today.