Business and Investment Visas

Looking into Business and Investment Visas for New Zealand?

The objective of New Zealand’s business and investment visas, and overarching immigration policy is to help grow New Zealand’s economy by enabling experienced business people to establish or buy businesses in New Zealand, contributing to the country’s economic growth.

The business migration category encompasses a number of immigration pathways – two visas for self-employed people or ‘entrepreneurs’, two for investors and one for employees of a relocating business.

Navigate the Immigration Act 2009 with an Auckland Immigration Lawyer

These visa categories aim to encourage self-employed entrepreneurs to come to New Zealand to operate or found a business that delivers significant benefits to New Zealand and its people. While doing so, they work toward meeting the criteria to be eligible to qualify for New Zealand residence.

The person may either purchase an existing business or establish a new business in New Zealand. However, they will need to operate the business successfully for a specified period of time as well as meet a number of other very specific and detailed requirements during this time.

For New Zealand’s business and investment visa categories, it’s important to get professional advice from an immigration lawyer experienced in these applications. The key to a successful application lies in having a proper business plan, including:

  • Financial projections for a number of years.
  • A proper assessment of the market in which the business will operate.
  • Acceptable proof points as to why INZ should believe your business will succeed.

Succeed when applying for business and immigration visas

The investor visa categories enable people with significant funds to invest in a range of specific investment vehicles. The rules governing the sort of investment vehicles in which you may invest to meet the conditions of the investor visa category are detailed and complex. You will need to engage professional legal assistance to help you through this process.

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