Business and your lawyer?

Auckland law firm, Quay Law's Principal (Ian Mellett)Why do you need a lawyer and when do you need a lawyer?

Selecting a good lawyer is crucial to any successful business. 

During the normal day to day operations undertaken by any business or when starting a new business, it is  paramount that there are two professionals essential service providers working with alongside you.  The first is an accountant but the second is your solicitor.

Why would you require a lawyer?

  •  Your contracts: You would need your lawyer to understand your business and prepare standard forms / contracts that you would need when dealing with customers, clients and suppliers. 
  •  Type of Business entity: You would need a lawyer who could assist you with choosing the most appropriate entity to best suit your specific legal and tax requirements.  This could be a limited liability company, a LAQC to name but a few legal entities.
  •  Your premises: Perhaps you are in the fortunate position of owning commercial space.  If this is not so, your lawyer would assist you with reviewing any contracts pertaining to such a commercial property purchase.  On the other had the leases pertaining to commercial space used for offices or retail can be complex and these leases are usually drafted by the landlord.  Your solicitor can facilitate this process and often point out areas within the contract that you may want to negotiate.
  • Tax, company setup and business registration with the companies’ office. Although your accountant would usually prepare and file your business / personal tax returns each year, your lawyer should know how to register your business, advise you as to the best asset protection and other mechanisms  suited for your affairs and the typical business transactions you undertake. 
  •  Establishment of any employee contracts and support during any ongoing items that required attention during the normal course of business.

 The team at Auckland law firm, Quay Law hopes that our legal tip has provided you with some helpful ideas.  If you require any further assistance or advice please do not hesitate to contact us.  We understand that your choice of lawyer is an important decision? For more detail regarding our services please view our Quay Law website or to contact us call +64 9 5232408.