Buying or Selling a Property

Published Quay Law Article (written by Auckland Lawyer, Ian Mellett) : Buying or Selling a Property  Click on Link for FULL ARTICLE (Property Law)

It goes without saying that there are numerous factors and additional costs, some of which you may not have considered, involved when buying or selling a property.  Having an awareness of these aspects at the outset will stand you in good stead.

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 Our aim is to ensure that this often stressful process proceeds in a smooth and efficient manner.

 As you embark upon purchasing a new home or selling your existing property, it is prudent to take professional legal advice at an early stage in the process.  Quite often one’s emotions take hold and what should be an objective decision making process becomes shrouded in subjectivity.

 We recommend that you engage your lawyer to review any agreement for sale and purchase prior to signature, as this will afford you the opportunity to make any suggested amendments.  It is extremely important to remember that once you have signed the agreement, a legally binding contract comes into force with the ensuing legal obligations.

 A recent court case in Northland clearly demonstrates the strict approach that a court will adopt in determining a contracting party’s legal obligations.