Conveyancing insight shared by your Auckland Property Lawyers

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So, you are looking to buy a house. Our Quay Law team understand that buying a house can be very exciting, but can also be stressful. The search process in itself can be frustrating with a lot of competition for good houses. This is where our Property Lawyers come in. We hope to give you an advantage over other buyers and our top priority is to make sure that the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible for you.  In the current property market, buying a property at an auction or on a tender is the norm.

Conveyancing Insight by our Auckland Property Lawyers

Our Auckland property lawyers at Auckland law firm Quay law are able to review the legal documents for you.

It is extremely important to remember that once you have signed the agreement, a legally binding contract comes into force with the ensuing legal obligations.

Our conveyancing legal team will review the property title, the particulars and conditions of sale and, if provided, the LIM. A charge shall apply for this review.

If you are successful in purchasing the property and you elect to use our legal services for your property transaction, we will credit this amount against your conveyancing or property transfer fee.  For more information or to discuss your property law or conveyancing requirements please