Disputed Will or Disputed Deceased Estates

wills and estate disputes by auckland law firm quay law, disputed willsDisputed Deceased Estates or a Disputed Will shared by Auckland law firm Quay Law.

Some common causes of problems/disputes over wills are:

•A family member or members believe the will is clearly unfair wrongly favouring some beneficiaries over others; (Family Protection Act 1955) •Persons who have been promised a benefit in an estate have been left out; ( Law Reform (Testamentary Promises) Act 1949.)
•There is no will at all; (Administration Act 1969)
•Some family members dispute that the will is valid at all maybe foe example that the deceased had no mental capacity at the time they signed the will;
•A spouse may have a claim under the relationship property act because they believe they have not got half of the deceased’s property; Property (Relationships’) Act 1979

In order to discuss any particular problem or issue you have with an estate distribution or disputed will, please contact an approachable lawyer at Auckland law firm Quay Law.

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