Financial or legal | Are you fit for 2014?

As a new year dawns we are often in the process of redefining our goals for the new year. What are yours?

Get your priorities straight whether financial or legal.

That one coffee a day quickly adds up. Think about it, a coffee followed by a quick sandwich at lunch could easily add up to a $10 daily spend and yes a $3650 yearly amount of after tax income lost.

Consider documenting your financial position, reviewing your bank statements and setting a budget for 2014. There are many advisors available who can assist you with this process.

Have you reviewed your insurance in light of recent changes to homeowners insurance changes? In many cases the default sum insured is not enough to rebuild your home should disaster strike.

But perhaps the start of 2014 is a perfect milestone to consider your current will. Is your will current? Or perhaps 2014 is a chance to reflect on whether a family trust would suit your circumstances?

For more information regarding a will or a family trust feel free to contact Ian Mellett of Auckland law firm | Quay Law on 09 5232408.