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The Annual Grammar Rugby Football Club Annual Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, 9 August 2014 at 7:30 PM

A little bit of history.

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The original site of the Grammar Rugby Football Club was at Ayr Street in Parnell. In 1996 negotiations were held with the Auckland City Council to move the club base to Shore Road. At this time, the club amalgamated with Carlton, and became Grammar Carlton Rugby Football Club at a senior level. The junior sections remained separate, and in 1996 Grammar Junior Rugby Football Club was formed as a standalone entity affiliated with the Grammar Carlton parent club.

Grammar Junior Rugby Football Club organises rugby for New Zealand children from pre-school up to Under 13 grade. All rugby teams are weight restricted which means children play against others of a similar weight.  The Rugby Football club relies on a part-time Operations Manager and the work of volunteers to ensure the success of each rugby season.  We are pleased to report that with over 330 playing members the club is thriving and the future is bright. We warmly welcome all newcomers to the Grammar Rugby community to share in our wonderful club culture.

To find out more about this event or to find out about playing rugby for Grammar, contact Paloma Barreiro  at Grammar Juniors Rugby Club

Auckland law firm Quay Law is proud to be supported with the development of young children in our local Auckland community.

Grammar Rugby Football Club Annual Dinner

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