How do I form a Family Trust? A question often answered by our solicitors and barristers

How to set up a trust with Aucklland law firm and lawyers Quay Law (Solicitors and Barristers)Forming a family trust is just one step in a comprehensive, personalised asset protection plan. For the lay person this is not the sort of plan that you can come up with on your own. It involves the drafting of a range of New Zealand legal documents, which must all work together, and there is no substitute for professional legal advice on a confidential, one-on-one basis. Remember, the whole idea is to minimise risk, not add to it

At Quay Law NZ our Trust legal specialists and lawyers | solicitors and barristers can assist you with the setting up and ongoing management of your Trust. We specialize in the establishment of the Trust and thereafter are able to support the ongoing management of your Trust along with your Trustees.

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