Immigration in the current times

Quay Law: New Zealand Immigration Lawyer
At times like these any proposed immigration should be carefully planned.

Unemployment in New Zealand is at its highest level since September 2000 with the outlook looking weak until early 2010.

In a July jobs update, highlighted that the number of applications per job advertised had risen by 50 per cent over the past 12 months.

New Zealand welcomes new migrants – people who will contribute to the country by bringing valuable skills or qualifications, setting up a business, or making a financial investment.  Moving to a new country is stressful and finding work and starting a job in a new country can add to that stress.  This aside from finding work within the constraints of the current economic situation.

We hear too many stories of people who have arrived, become disillusioned when searching for work and subsequently deplete their savings whilst attempting to support themselves. They return to their country of origin disheartened.

On the other hand there are many success stories.  Happy immigrants well settled, fulfilling vital roles within many different occupations throughout the country

We recommend that you do your homework and consult a professional immigration advisor to ensure that all your requirements pertaining to New Zealand Immigration are adequately addressed.

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