Increase to LINZ fees impact on cost of property conveyancing

27 April 2011

LINZ has reviewed the fees and charges for its survey and title systems. New fees come into effect on 1 July 2011.

This may affect survey and title fees charged by conveyancers, surveyors and other land professionals.

The costs of operating New Zealand’s survey and title systems are designed to be fully recovered from those who use the systems.

Fees were last set on 1 July 2010. However an ongoing decline in survey and title transaction volumes over the past year, due to low activity in the property market, has resulted in a significant under-recovery of costs. This in turn has required LINZ to review its fees and charges to ensure costs are fully recovered in 2011/12.

LINZ will continue to monitor transaction volumes and trends, and focus on cost-efficiencies, and set its fees accordingly.

Source: Land Information New Zealand