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Quay Law is able to provide Notary Public Services.

Notary services at Quay Law Auckland lawyersA notary public (sometimes called a notary or a public notary) in New Zealand is a lawyer or legal practitioner authorised by the Archbishop of Canterbury in England to officially witness signatures on legal documents, collect sworn statements, administer oaths and certify the authenticity of legal documents e.g. powers of attorney, court documents, property conveyancing papers and commercial documents, usually for use overseas.

A notary public uses an embossing tool (seal) to verify their at the time the documents were signed.  Jock Irvine is able to provide Notary Public Services in Auckland.

Affidavits for use in foreign courts

A Notary Public may also have authority according to the law of other countries, to swear affidavits for use in foreign courts.

Generally, a document executed or sworn before a Notary Public will be recognised by a Commonwealth court, without further proof. Other countries may well require the authorisation of the notary to be authenticated by the Consulate of that Country, or by the authentications unit of the Department of Internal Affairs or even also the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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