Visiting New Zealand for the Rugby World Cup 2011: Visa Requirements

Source: Immigration New Zealand.

If you are planning to visit New Zealand in 2011 for the Rugby World Cup you may need a visa. If you are from a country that is not on our visa-free list you will need to apply for a visitor visa before you come to New Zealand.

If you are from a  visa-waiver country, you do not need a visa. On arrival in New Zealand you will need to have evidence of funds for the length of your visit, and an onward ticket. If you have ever been deported from any country or have criminal convictions you may be stopped from entering New Zealand.

 Regardless of whether you require a visa or not, you will also need to meet the health requirements and character requirements, and be considered to be a genuine visitor, before you will be allowed entry to New Zealand.

 If you are concerned about your eligibility to enter New Zealand because you do not meet the health or character requirements (such as criminal convictions or previously being deported from another country), please contact your nearest Immigration New Zealand Branch or discuss with an Immigraiton specialist or lawyer.
You are able to check the INZ website , as requirements are subject to review and may change.