What does conveyancing mean? Shared by our Auckland conveyancing staff.

What does Conveyancing actually mean? The literal meaning of conveyancing , as shared by our Auckland conveyancing specialists, is the action of preparing documents for the transfer of property.
If you are thinking about buying a house in the Auckland area and would like a local lawyer who understands the area, can offer a well priced and reliable legal service do not hesitate to ring our Auckland Conveyancing lawyers at Quay Law Barristers and Solicitors in Remuera on 09 5232408 or contact us here.
How we help you?

Our Quay Law Auckland Conveyancing team can…

either draft a sale and purchase agreement for you if you are involved in a private property transaction, or if you are using a real estate agent our legal team can advise you on what conditions to include in your property contract   prior to you signing it.

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