What is a property transfer?

property transfer and conveyancing in auckland with Quay Law your Auckland lawyersproperty transfer occurs when money or the ownership title on a piece of property, such as a house or parcel of land, changes hands.

Our Quay Law conveyancing lawyers can assist you with your property transfer.  We will advise and help you before you buy the property and then give you down to earth and reliable legal services to make sure your house purchase or  sale goes smoothly.

Our property lawyers will explain how to avoid the common mistakes.  Our conveyancers know that not all property transactions and transfers are the same.  Buying an apartment is different to buying a cross lease section or buying a unit title dwelling is different to buying a residential home.  Your purchasing legal options can vary as well based on your unique circumstance.  Do your require a trust or should you purchase a property using a company as a legal vehicle or entity.

Our Auckland conveyancing team  will take care of the detail of your property sale or purchase and give you legal advice that is easy to understand.

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