Why do you need a Family Trust?

asset protection

Why do you need a Family Trust?

  •  It is part of your wealth creation plan
  • It can reduce your tax
  • It protects assets from unexpected life events – bankruptcy, divorce, business dealings
  • It can provide inheritance protection for your children

 Assets must be in a trust for a period before they are fully protected from asset testing and creditors. 

If you do not have a trust and are considering one, then start the process as soon as your personal circumstances allow for it.

 Ian Mellett, the principal of Quay Law, is professional yet friendly and courteous.  He has considerable experience & expertise in a wide range of Trust and Asset Planning matters  including Family Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Estate Planning, Asset Protection Plans and Structuring, Trust Gifting, Trust Administration, Trustee Advice, Protection of Personal Assets from Business Initiatives, Rest Home Subsidies and Asset Testing.