Lowest Home Loan Interest Rates Website Launched

Wednesday, 8 July 2009, 10:18 am Press Release: Mike Pero Mortgages

A joint venture between Mike Pero Mortgages and one of its brokers, Jason Barba, has launched a website of New Zealand’s lowest home loans interest rates. Lowestrate.co.nz allows you to sign up for email updates showing where to find the lowest home loan interest rates and how they compare to your preferred lenders. The website is updated daily. Mike Pero Mortgages Chief Executive Shaun Riley says Jason Barba approached management last year with the concept.

“Jason joined the Mike Pero Mortgages team in September 2007 and one year later he came to see me about the lowestrate.co.nz concept. He was very enthusiastic about it and had done his homework on it. We worked through the terms of the joint venture and one year later lowestrate.co.nz was launched,” says Shaun Riley.

Jason Barba and his family moved to New Zealand from America four years ago after he read a book about New Zealand, which depicted the country as being clean, green, safe from terrorism and it enjoyed a more relaxed, family-friendly culture. “I suppose you could say the whole idea about lowestrate was all due to me picking up that book and reading it,” he says.

“I came to this country driven by a desire to leave behind the culture of poverty and struggle. I’m always striving to improve myself and the well-being of my family and community and I’m eager to help those in need. This is the main motivation for my work as a mortgage advisor and ultimately as the creator of lowestrate.co.nz.” Trends Media Services, a subsidiary of Trends Publishing International, has been involved in the web design and brand imaging of the new website.

“The work done by Trends Media Services is world-class and ultimately the result of attention to detail and a commitment to deliver immense value to the unique New Zealand mortgage market”, says Jason Barba. He says there are plans to launch new features and services on the website.

There is also a concept in the pipeline to create a charity called Lowestrate Foundation, which will work with other charities to help build awareness and financial support for worthy causes in New Zealand. Lowestrate.co.nz also puts you in contact with a local Mike Pero Mortgages broker to provide expert advice about which terms and lenders are right for you.