Property Lawyers Auckland: How to Get the Right Lawyer for Your Property Transaction

There’s really no such thing as a simple property transaction. The purchase or sale of a residential or business property is often the biggest, most important financial transaction most people will ever make!

To compound matters even further, there’s the ‘little’ matter of Auckland’s super-heated property market. The increasing complexity of our property laws, and the fact there’s a lot of hard-earned money at stake in every transaction involving the sale and/or purchase of property.

So, irrespective of whether you’re buying or selling your first home or your retirement home or any other type of property, the stress pretty much remains the same. Even the mere thought of packing up everything and getting the movers in, then arranging for switching off all the services at the old place and setting them up again at the new place is enough to put most people off. And then there’s all the legal paperwork and to-ing and fro-ing to get the actual property transaction sorted.

This is where a good property lawyer Auckland is worth their weight in gold!

Specialists in property law

Perhaps you’ve already organized your financing with your broker or bank, and you and your real estate agent have found the perfect place and you want to sign an offer to purchase. OK, so now what?

An Agreement for Sale and Purchase is a legal and binding document. Once you’ve signed it, you usually cannot change your mind, unless there are special conditions. So, it’s important to get the correct legal advice right from the start and to always get legal advice before you sign any document.

Property lawyers Auckland are specialists in property law. They have the training and skills needed to deal with the legal intricacies, and the varying degrees of complexity, of buying and selling of all types of property. A good Auckland property lawyer will ensure that nothing unexpected arises during the entire conveyancing process. He will make sure that everything is completed efficiently and at an acceptable cost.

What is ‘conveyancing’?

In law, conveyancing refers to the myriad of legal tasks required to complete the process of transferring legal title of property from one legal entity to another.

Apart from being there to take the stress and confusion out of your Auckland property transaction, what exactly will your property lawyer do?

Common conveyancing services your property lawyers Auckland will provide

Here’s a brief overview of some of the legal actions that your Auckland property lawyer will look after for you during you property transaction.

  • Prepare and/or review the Agreement for Sale and Purchase.
    A large number of residential Agreements for Sale and Purchase are prepared by real estate agents. Irrespective of whether you’re selling or buying a property, you must have any such agreement reviewed by your property lawyer Auckland before you sign the document. Alternatively, your property lawyer can prepare the agreement for you.
  • Verify title documentation.
    As part of the property transaction, your Auckland property lawyer will review all the title documentation relating to your specific property.
  • Help you sort your finance.
    Your property lawyer can help to arrange any mortgage you may require on the property with your bank, including coordinating the necessary documentation required by your bank for this. If you’re wishing to buy property as an investment, your Auckland property lawyer will ensure the ownership structure is correctly put in place. He can also advise you on how the purchase should be structured financially.
  • Oversee due diligence investigations.
    Your property lawyer will ensure any conditions in the Agreement for Sale and Purchase have been met within the agreed timeframe. This may include working with building inspectors, valuers and the Council to get relevant reports, for example, a property inspection report and a Land Information Memorandum (LIM report).
  • Manage the settlement and possession process.
    Your Auckland property lawyer will confirm insurance is arranged for the property from settlement or possession date. He will manage the exchange of money and keys, as agreed between the various parties involved in the property transaction, complete the electronic transfer of the property ownership to the new owner, and advise the Council of the change of ownership.

Your property law specialists at Quay Law

Our Auckland law firm – Quay law has a team of the best conveyancing lawyer who can offer you personalised service and significant resource when required.

The advantage of engaging a conveyancing lawyer at Quay Law to help you with your property purchase, sale or transfer is that we can you with different aspects of law as these relate to your overall conveyancing transaction.

We specialise in all aspects of property law, namely, the sale and purchase of homes and investment properties, refinancing, commercial property transactions, leasing, subdivisions, building contracts, retirement village transactions and Council-related property matters.

Whether you need help with trust and company structuring for your property transaction or clarify any tax implications of the transaction, draft wills and ensure any other aspects of estate planning are in place, our highly qualified lawyers at Quay Law will be more than happy to assist you.

Should you require urgent advice on your legal issues, we will be as helpful as possible.

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